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Your Ultimate Guide to the New Body Whip Range

introducing the new sundae body whip

Our Body Whip range may be the new kid on the beauty block, but it’s already getting so much love. We’re not surprised – these little tubs of goodness make the perfect post-shower treat, taking your skin to a whole new level of soft and supple. 

We’re spilling all on what makes this moisturiser a skincare superstar, and giving you a little guide on how to incorporate it into your shower routine to give you a dewy sheen that lasts all day long and leaves you smelling divine. 

First, let’s meet the four fabulously fruity flavours 

We’ve made sure there’s a scent for everyone, from fresh and juicy to soft and sweet. Very Berry is the ultimate summer daydream, with notes of raspberry, jasmine, vanilla, and a burst of orange that hits all the right notes. Perky Plum brings the cosy vibes with ripe plums, freesia, a dash of cinnamon, and a hint of apple. Watermelon Whirl is your ticket to beachside bliss, rocking the juicy fusion of watermelon, honeydew, kiwi, and a touch of musk flower magic. And when it's time to indulge, Just Peachy has your back, bursting with flavours of ripe peach, apricot, freesia, jasmine, and a citrusy splash of mandarin.

What makes this Body Whip range so damn nourishing? 

Well, there’s a few reasons. The range is packed with glycerin, a skincare hero that gives your skin a smooth, velvety feel, and shea butter, a natural moisturiser that gets deep into your skin, banishing any dullness or dryness. You’ll also find rice bran, a potent ingredient that contains Vitamins B, E squalene and other antioxidants that all do their bit to keep skin looking and feeling hydrated. The icing (or should we say, whipped cream) on the cake? After lathering dollops of the Body Whip Moisturiser all over, you won’t be left feeling icky, sticky or greasy thanks to how lightweight and fast absorbing it is.

How to use our Body Whip Moisturiser

If you’re layering on your new Body Whip Moisturiser after your Whipped Shower Foam, here’s how to make the most of your fruitilicious friend.

  1. Get wet. Duh!
  2. Use your Whipped Shower Foam. We recommend stepping out of the water for both the regular shower foams and the exfoliating foams.
  3. Done so soon? Jump back under the water and rinse!
  4. Post-cleanse, lather on your fave Body Whip Moisturiser. Simply scoop a generous dollop and massage it onto your skin until it feels silky smooth.
  5. All done! Admire your freshly washed and hydrated skin.

You can shop the entire Body Whip range online, and hey, why not build a little bundle for yourself featuring other Sundae faves so you can upgrade your entire shower routine?

Happy Sundae x