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Meet Sundae’s Moisturising Body Whip Range

Applying Sundae Body's hydrating body whip

Have you heard the juicy news? Our Body Whip Moisturiser has hit the beauty shelves (and something tells us there’s a reason we’ve been craving all kinds of fruity freshness lately!) Yum.

So, what’s yo’ flavour? If you’re ooo’ing and ahhh’ing about which scent to plant on your pretty shower caddy, allow us to help you make your (very clever) selection. One dollop of joy and hydration comin’ riiight up.

Very Berry

Berry people love sipping on fresh smoothies, dressing up fancy when the invite says ‘casual’ and buying a whole round of drinks for their pals so they can nibble on the strawberry garnish (guilty). Our Very Berry Body Whip Moisturiser will remind you of nostalgic summer memories – times spent with your fave people under the summer heat, playing in the sand and dancing on park tables. Don’t say we didn’t tell you so.

Perky Plum

Shower time is just way more fun with Perky Plum. Infamous for her sweet and sour personality, Perky’s the life of the party with a penchant for trouble, but she’s always getting away with it (well, most of the time). Her antics may be legendary, but beneath the surface, she’s just a fun gal who loves to explore new locations and have epic adventures. Avoiding trouble is just a perk for this popular plum. Right now, she’s looking for her newest sidekick. You in?

Watermelon Whirl

Harry Styles has done great things for watermelons. If his summery music video wasn’t enough to get your sweet tooth craving that sugary flavour, then our girl Watermelon Whirl will. Transport your silky smooth skin to a coastal beach or a poolside oasis, with a romance book in one hand and Harry feeding you grapes on the next cabana. Watermelon sugar, hi.

Just Peachy

Ready for the icing on the cake? Well, life isn’t all peaches and cream, but your self care time can be. Everything’s peachy with our Just Peachy Body Whip Moisturiser – the dessert on everyone’s lips that’s dripping with flavour and ready for her close-up. One generous dollop of this and your skin will be bathed in a whippy treat for the senses. Your new motto: lather on your peaches and sniff ‘em, too.

How to use our Body Whip Moisturiser

If you’re layering on your new Body Whip Moisturiser after your Sundae shower foam, here’s how to make the most of your fruitilicious friends.

1. Get wet. Duh!

2. Use your Sundae shower foam. We recommend stepping out of the water for both the regular shower foams and the exfoliating foams.

3. Done so soon? Jump back under the water and rinse!

4. Post cleanse, lather on your fave Body Whip Moisturiser. Simply scoop a generous dollop and massage it onto your skin until it feels silky smooth.

5. All done! Admire your freshly washed and hydrated skin.

All this is sounding pretty peachy. Once you’ve cherry-picked your fave, you can shop Body Whip Moisturisers online. Post-shower foam (or whenever your skin needs a delicious dose of hydration), you can whip it real good.


Happy Sundae x