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Am I Showering Too Much, Or Not Enough?

Am I Showering Too Much, Or Not Enough?
Finding your bliss while getting steamy and soapy in the shower is definitely a therapeutic practice. So, wouldn't it make sense that taking an additional shower a day could seem like a bright idea? Showers, after all, clean your body and calm your mind. Isn't it true that cleaner is better?
Like too many martinis on Monday, there may be too much of a good thing when it comes to showering. According to our holy skincare heroines (dermatologists), the key is showering just enough to keep oneself clean (and feeling fresh). Getting your skin to a squeaky clean state is not quite the vibe, as your skin becomes dry and loses its natural protective layer. Like everything good in life, balance is key.
So, how often exactly should you shower? Though your ancient copy of Dolly Doctor may disagree, it's probably not as frequently as you've been led to believe.

So, What Exactly Happens If I Take Too Many Showers?

Our skin contains an oily barrier and a healthy balance of "good" bacteria that protect it from dryness and infections. You can peel away this layer if you regularly clean it, especially with harsh soaps and a lot of scrubbing – resulting in dry, irritated, itchy skin. This can cause skin cracks, allowing germs and allergens to enter and cause skin infections or allergic responses. Ouch!

This bacteria also happens to be a vital player in keeping your overall health in check. It provides a stimulus to your immune system. If you scrape and scrub them away too quickly, your poor body won't have time to generate the antibodies that will defend you. Stripping and chemical-laden antibacterial soaps can worsen by removing the natural bacterial defense against more difficult-to-treat pathogenic germs on the skin – that's fancy science language for "causing or capable of causing disease". This can create an even more significant difference for kids – several GPS and dermatologists advise avoiding bathing children every day. Spaghetti sauce means this may not be an option, so just ensure the bath and shower washes you choose are friendly and gentle on their skin.

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But, Wait A Sec, What Happens If I Don't Take Enough Showers?

Your friends, family, and coworkers could first alert you to the most obvious issue: you no longer smell like a field of flowers in the South of France. No judgement – you can smell how you choose to smell!


khloe kardashian saying "I don't want to deal with it"


But, although there is nothing strictly dangerous about having a strong body odour, it may put a spanner in the works of developing healthy relationships with people at home, school, work and out on the town. A spanner in the health of your skin, too, as oil buildup can lead to an overgrowth of acne-causing bacteria. Sebum-filled pores, pollution, dirt and dead skin can exacerbate the condition. Bottom line: Not bathing enough can lead to more pimples and other skin issues caused by oil buildup like dandruff and flare-ups of existing skin ailments such as eczema.

Ok, Ok. So How Often Should I Actually Be Showering?

Like your coffee order, this question does not have a one-size-fits-all response. A daily shower, according to many doctors, is sufficient for the majority of people. For others, every second day or so is plenty for many people. It may even be preferable to maintain tip-top health. The way you live your life affects this – someone who sweats it up at hot yoga or cartwheels for miles in the searing heat will need to bathe more frequently than someone who stays cool, calm and indoors playing The Sims (jealous!)

There are honestly handfuls of other stuff to consider when mapping out your weekly shower routine – like if you have allergies, greasy skin, a skin disorder or a large tattoo of Pikachu on your back (sorry, mum!) The amount of showers you have per week also depends on whether your showers are motion feature-length or flash in the pan.

We say find what works for your skin, mind, and mood. Because although bathing isn't the same for everyone, it's always an opportunity to find joy every day.

Happy Sundae x

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